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About Us

Electric vehicles are quite unique. At their best, they combine cutting-edge design with minimalist motors to achieve something even more than the sum of their parts. They can be both fun and environmentally friendly.

Evolve KY is a group of energetic owners and enthusiasts of electric vehicles. Some of us have expensive electric sports cars, while others have more modestly-priced cars. Some are hobbyists interested in creating a vehicle from scratch. But one thing we all have in common is the desire to move our current boring state of driving forward — and fast.

As a group, we are interested in providing a place for EV enthusiasts to compare notes, keep up with current trends, socialize, increase the awareness of EVs by participating in community events and helping spread the adoption of EVs by increasing the number and variety of charging options in the Kentuckiana region.

If you have an electric vehicle, or just want to learn more, we would love for you to reach out to us.

Our Mission

1. Education

Our core mission is to inform the public about the benefits of electric vehicles and to encourage the growth of EVs in our community.

2. Adopt A Charger

Furthering the first goal, we seek to partner with local businesses to set up fee-free level 2 electric chargers.

3. Membership

Ultimately we are creating a network of EV users, from Teslas to Nissan Leafs, and forever growing our grassroots group of EV enthusiasts.

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Still need to hear more? We were featured in a 1 hour documentary called EVOLVE in 2018 that sheds a little light on the clean energy movement happening in our state.

Can Kentucky drive America’s clean transportation future?  The answer may surprise you. Evolve KY (a grassroots non profit group of Kentucky’s electric vehicle owners) is leading the state’s clean transportation revolution by installing fee free community chargers, educating the public in innovative ways, and demonstrating that EVs are fun, economical, and planet-friendly. Meanwhile, from coal museum roofs to former mountaintop removal mining sites, renewables and world changing battery technology are starting to take off… in coal country! With humor and heart, EVOLVE weaves together inspiring stories of transformative work by passionate people in unlikely places.


"Bernheim’s Evolve KY charging station is in regular use. We attract
people traveling up and down the interstate. Additionally, we now have two staff with plug-in cars, including my own Zero Emission Nissan Leaf – so we use the station as well. Great addition to Bernheim and another visible example of how everyone can make a difference for the environment."

— Dr. Mark K. Wourms
Executive Director
Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

"We have gotten great
feedback about the addition of EV chargers in Madison. The chargers give visitors and residents another reason to stop, explore, and spend money in our historic downtown district. Electric vehicles in a historic town are the perfect combination of old and new!"

— Andrew Forrester
Community Relations Director
City of Madison, Indiana

“Highland Cleaners has
really benefited from the charging stations in our parking lots. Our customers love them and they love us for providing them.”

— Michael Anthony Jones
Owner Highland Cleaners

“Our EV charger has been a great amenity of the Hikes Point neighborhood since its  installation in 2017. Heine Brothers has become the perfect location for customers charging their vehicles. They love the fee-free station, it’s accessibility, and the proximity to not only our coffee shop but the many other businesses located within walking distance. We are grateful to have worked with Evolve KY to give our neighborhood access to easy, hassle-free charging.”

— Stephanie Harvey
Hikes Point Manager
Heine Brothers’ Coffee

Our Associates

The Electric Vehicle movement is a community effort. We are happy to partner with a number of other organizations and we welcome you to visit them as well!

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