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Why Electric Vehicles

There are so many reasons to go electric today! Here are just five of the multitude of reasons to drive an electric vehicle. Click on any to learn more.

Reason 1

It's Eco-Friendly

Electric vehicles produce 100% less carbon emissions.

In EVs, 80% of the energy goes towards turning the wheels, compared to a mere 20% in gas vehicles.

Reason 2

It's Cheap

An electric vehicle can save a family $800 on gas alone.

EVs don't require frequent or expensive maintenance. No oil change, no engine tune ups.

Reason 3

It's Healthy

Electric vehicles lower carbon emissions that pollute the air and make breathing dangerous.

Air pollution is now the biggest single environmental health risk and the cause of one in eight deaths worldwide, something EVs can help put an end to.

Reason 4

It's Fun

EVs are high-tech and fun to drive. Don't believe us? Come to one of our Ride & Drive events!

Evolve KY has a membership group of enthusiasts who will share your passion for driving electric.

It's Peaceful

Our membership includes people from all walks of life and sides of the political spectrum.

Not relying on gasoline gives us one less reason to go to war. EVs are peaceful.

Reason 5
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