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Education & Outreach

Informing the public about the benefits of electric vehicles is central to our mission. There are a number of ways we educate our community, and ways you can get involved today!

  • Earth Day & Drive Electric Week Events

  • School visits & talks

  • Ride & drive

If you would like to learn more or have us speak at your school or organization, please visit our Contact page. We're excited to hear from you!

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Still need to hear more? We were featured in a 1 hour documentary called EVOLVE in 2018 that sheds a little light on the clean energy movement happening in Kentucky.

Can Kentucky drive America’s clean transportation future?  The answer may surprise you. Evolve KY (a grassroots non profit group of Kentucky’s electric vehicle owners) is leading the state’s clean transportation revolution by installing fee free community chargers, educating the public in innovative ways, and demonstrating that EVs are fun, economical, and planet-friendly. Meanwhile, from coal museum roofs to former mountaintop removal mining sites, renewables and world changing battery technology are starting to take off… in coal country! With humor and heart, EVOLVE weaves together inspiring stories of transformative work by passionate people in unlikely places.  The documentary is free to view as a YouTube video.


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