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We need your support to continue to show all of Kentucky why driving an electric vehicle is better and points to a cleaner and better future.


Evolve KY is now a tax-exempt non-profit. That means donating to Evolve will give you a tax deduction all while you are supporting a cause you care deeply about. Evolve is also an all-volunteer group, so 100 percent of your money goes towards our stated purpose — to accelerate clean and sustainable transportation here in Kentucky.


We desperately need the funds to promote the group and meet our ongoing operational expenses. Our marketing expenses include maintaining our website along with a wide variety of outreach efforts. Recently, we’ve participated in several wonderful local events such as the Mighty Kindness Hoot, Jefferson Memorial Forest’s Forest Fest, Louisville’s Sustainability Summit, numerous parades and of course, our annual Drive Electric Week events where we literally show folks what it’s like to drive electric!

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Send a Check

Make tax deductible checks out to:

Evolve KY

P O Box 22055

Louisville, KY  40252

Evolve KY is a (501) C3 nonprofit!

Make a One-Time Donation

We are grateful for your support! There are many ways you can contribute. In addition to the Membership Subscriptions below, you can make a one-time donation using the button below.

And remember, donations are tax deductible!

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